An exercise program for people with low bone density

Bone Builder is a safe, personalised, evidenced-based exercise program delivered by accredited exercise physiologists to maintain and improve bone density, muscle strength and balance.

Suitable for those with

Program goals

We enjoy restoring and building 

confidence in performing everyday activities and exercise.

Run by Alex Thompson and her team of accredited exercise physiologists (AEPs)

The Bone Builder exercise program is run by Alex Thompson and a growing team of accredited exercise physiologists (AEPs). An AEP is a tertiary qualified health professional who specialises in prescribing exercise as medicine. 

Alex started the Bone Builder exercise program and its group classes as a way to bring evidence based methods to the community. As AEPs we see far too many people with low bone density who are limiting their exercise or daily activities for fear of fracture.

A big goal of the Bone builder program is to show that you can move safely and confidently with low bone density. On top of that, you will also learn exercises that will strengthen your bones and prevent falls

Alex has a special interest in exercise and bone health and is continually furthering her knowledge in this area. She has worked as a DEXA operator, is a Fracture Prevention Professional and member of the Royal Osteoporosis Society. She also has a licence to facilitate the OneroTM program endorsed by Osteoporosis Australia, along with 12 years in private practice working with clients with or at risk of low bone density.

As a practitioner, it is a great feeling to restore confidence, show people they can move safely, and see them engage in exercises to build bone, strength and balance.

– Alex Thompson

Personalisation is a cornerstone of the Bone Builder Program

We understand everyone likes to exercise in different ways – some like to exercise at home, some in the gym, some like to have regular private sessions and some like minimal supervision, some like group environments and others like to work on their own. Whichever form of delivery you prefer, we can cater for. 

The only requirement to participate in the program, is that you attend at least monthly consultations (if not participating in group classes), so that we can safely monitor and progress your exercises. The Bone Builder program takes on a different focus for each individual depending on your degree of bone loss and/or fracture history. There are 3 main focuses of the program, these are:

The Bone Builder group classes are suited to those who fall into the third category. For anyone with very poor balance and/or severe pain or poor posture, we recommend regular private consultations which can be in the comfort of your home or at our gym. 

Group Classes in Terrigal

Group classes are currently running at Terrigal (Plus Fitness) on Wednesdays and Fridays at 10.30 am.

Directions: Plus Fitness, Level 2/72 Terrigal Esplanade, Terrigal NSW 2260, Australia 

Group Classes in Wyoming

Group classes are currently running at Wyoming (Adelene Village) on Fridays at 8.00 am.

DirectionsAdelene Village, 1 Birch Rd, Wyoming NSW 2250, Australia